World Cup Final 2014 - Brazil

World Cup Final 2014 - Brazil

Argentina Vs Germany

With the world cup in Brazil nearing its end there certainly have been many exciting moments, from the holders Spain being knocked out in the group stage, England being as disappointing as ever and the smaller south American teams proving that they are not just group fillers.

Before looking to the final lets have a quick look back over the semi-finals, with one being the usual cagey affair and the other a shock to say the least.

The first of them was an embarrassing encounter for the Brazilians at the hands of a very well drilled German side, Brazil 1-7 Germany. With a record loss for the Brazilians in a world cup, Klose stealing Ronald’s goal record and the fact of being smashed out of their home world cup I’m not sure it could get much worse for the footballers of Brazil.

It’s games like these that make me glad I’m an England fan because at least there’s; no hopes & no expectations = no disappointments!

The second of the semi-finals was Argentina vs Netherlands, this was a more typical semi, very cagey or if you prefer the really blunt version BORING!! Two of the best attacking teams in the tournament and certainly not the best defences around I guess you could say that it was typical that it ends 0-0 after normal and extra time (sods law). With neither side really creating any good chances throughout the game it went to penalties, Argentina winning 4-2. 

The third/fourth place play-off has always been a bit pointless in my view, but I’m sure that the Brazilians will be hoping they can regain some dignity against the Netherlands on Saturday.
So looking forward to the final, Argentina vs Germany. With no home nation hopes, yopu can just relax with a beer and just enjoy the match!  These two teams have already made some world cup history playing each other in the 86 and 90 finals, with each team winning one. The Germans have to be the favourites for me after such a good victory with plenty of goals there’s no better way to gain confidence moving into a cup final. They really are a team clicking just at the right time. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be wary of fierce opposition like the Argentines, with the likes of Messi and Aguero at the realm of this team they should always be feared.  

Who will win the biggest game in football?

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